Our Firm

Blanchette & Company Inc

is proud to be a member of the

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants'

Private Companies Practice Section

We service clients in Rhode Island, eastern Connecticut, and southeastern Massachusetts.

We guide individuals through all life’s stages and milestones with annual income tax preparation and tax planning. Working in close association with legal counsel, we prepare trust and estate income tax returns during life-changing events. We enjoy helping small, growth-oriented businesses with their accounting, financial, payroll, and tax needs.

What Sets Us Apart

Our firm is dedicated to standards of the highest integrity, timeliness, and excellence in quality of service. We value building a legacy of multigenerational relationships with our clients. We serve each client’s unique needs with individualized, personal attention and care.

We offer the following unique advantages to our practice ~~

  • DIRECT ACCESS - Our principals work directly with each of our clients.
  • ATMOSPHERE - Our location, accommodations and principals combined, contribute to a friendly, cheerful, and caring atmosphere.
  • TECHNOLOGY - Our accounting, tax, payroll and research systems are completely computerized and updated frequently.
  • PROVEN SOLUTIONS - As a small, local accounting firm, our principals experience the identical business needs as their clients allowing them to share and assist with practical solutions for their client's business needs.
  • CHARITY and COMMUNITY - We dedicate ourselves to supporting local charities and our community through contributions to local organizations.